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Help your dog feel relaxed and pain-free so they can travel easily and play fetch like a puppy.

Best For: Calming, Pain

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Your dog deserves to feel their best, too! Help them get through stressful moments with ease, like a long plane trip or fireworks on the 4th, and address separation anxiety issues so they can enjoy quiet time without you. Or turn back the clock on playtime by soothing aching joints so they can run around in the park like puppies again!

When taken consistently, these dog-approved delicious treats can give your pooch all the natural benefits of CBD to help reduce their pain and help them feel more relaxed. When they feel better, so will you.*

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Serve your dog 1-2 times daily, based on their weight. It may take at least 5 days of consistent use to notice effects. If your dog becomes restless, reduce serving size. Use as directed. Keep out of reach of children. Hemp supplements may contain trace (less than 0.3%) amounts of THC. Consult with your veterinarian before giving hemp supplements to your dog.
Consistency is key to allow the active compounds to build in your pet’s system and have effects. Consistent use equals consistent results!
If you notice your pet acting a little more hyper or neurotic after taking our product, they’re ok! This is a common response to taking too much hemp extract. Reduce the dose and frequency and slowly increase as needed.


Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract (5mg per chew)
Other Ingredients: Carrot Powder, Chicken, Chicken Liver, Flaxseed Meal, Glycerin (Vegetable), Industrial Hemp Extract, MCT Oil, Organic Palm Fruit Oil, Sorbic Acid, Sunflower Lecithin, Sweet Potato Flour, Tapioca, Tomato Powder.


Check with your veterinarian before giving your pet hemp extract or any supplement.
This product does not meet the complete and balanced AAFCO food requirements. It is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.